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Database API

AppSynergy uses MariaDB as its SQL engine. You can see the version of MariaDB your account is currently running via Help > About....

You can allow other applications to access your database via ODBC/JDBC, AppSynergy's REST API, or compatible command line tools. You grant access by creating an API Key. Each API key is assigned to a Security Role which determines which operations are permitted. See Tools > API Keys... to create an API key.

If you have an AppSynergy account with a dedicated database server you can also obtain full root access to your database.

AppSynergy REST API

The AppSynergy REST API allows you to make RESTful calls to your database. See the AppSynergy REST API documentation for details.

ODBC & JDBC Drivers

The AppSynergy database is fully compatible with third-party tools that work with MariaDB, ODBC and JDBC. You can download the latest compatible drivers by clicking below.


Windows 64 bit ODBC Driver

Click to download the MSI file.
Be sure to enable Force TLS Use when configuring the DSN.


Java JDBC Driver

Click to download the JDBC driver.