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Tutorial Videos

These Tutorial Videos provide an outline of how to perform the most common tasks, while context-specific Help buttons throughout AppSynergy provide more detailed information on syntax, formulas, etc.

Tutorial 1 - Building Your First App

A brief overview of tabs, menus, buttons, creating tables, linking tables with Foreign Keys, Record objects, nesting records, data links, calculated fields and more.

Tutorial 2 - Modal Panels

Learn how to use pop-up modal panels to build a better UI for your applications.

Tutorial 3 - Reports

Learn how to create master-detail style rollup reports with AppSynergy.

Tutorial 4 - Charts & Maps

Learn how to build applications that make full use of chart and map objects.

Tutorial 5 - Sharing Apps

Learn how to share AppSynergy applications with others, manage user accounts and create custom security roles.

Tutorial 6 - Triggers & Stored Procedures

Learn how to code database triggers and stored procedures, send email when an event occurs and more.

Tutorial 7 - UI Events

Learn how UI events can be used to trigger your own custom JavaScript code.

Tutorial 8 - Federated Data

Learn how to use AppSynergy's Federated Database features to build applications that tightly integrate with other systems.