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Powerful Drag-n-Drop Application Development

The AppSynergy visual application designer was created specifically for building powerful database applications with ease.

Simply drag tabs, menus, buttons, records, reports and a wide variety of chart types right off the palette and drop them into your application canvas. Create a data link from one object to another to show related info with a single click. Join tables together with a quick drag and drop. Nest related records to any depth or complexity required in mere seconds. And there is a powerful JavaScript API too - just in case you need it.

Building, modifying, and deploying applications is all done in the cloud. In just days. Possibly even hours. Powerful apps – not toys. Installable mobile optimized apps or desktop apps all with one coherent platform.

And if you are an enterprise customer that must build applications that tightly integrate with your existing SaaS applications and other systems of record, you can take advantage of our advanced data integration capabilities to produce better apps in less time. Far, far less.

Low-Code Visual Designer Screen Shot

Rapidly build solutions that fit your exact business requirements.

Mobile Optimized Apps Too

You can easily create mobile optimized applications that leverage all of AppSynergy's powerful features (its not just a "lite" version). A mobile optimized app can be installed on your mobile device (via Add to Homescreen) so that a single click of an icon on your phone or tablet can quickly launch the app.

Integrated Reporting

Integrated reporting with powerful grouping, sorting and computed columns – including master-detail break outs. Advanced features include:

Powerful cloud-based Reporting without the need for a separate solution.

Easily build visual, data-rich applications.

Charts, Maps & Dashboards

A large assortment of ways to visualize your data and build rich interactive dashboards.

Core Business Logic

AppSynergy has built-in support for coding triggers, functions & stored procedures using a modern ANSI standard version of Oracle's PL/SQL language. This provides more powerful data manipulation capabilities with cleaner syntax and superior execution efficiency when compared with other languages. And AppSynergy extensions like SQL/REST (see below) cleanly extend this paradigm into the world of modern RESTful APIs, JSON and XML.

A better way to write business logic.


AppSynergy's revolutionary SQL/REST protocol allows you to make RESTful API calls directly from your SQL code (e.g. triggers, stored procedures). Now you can call any RESTful API on the planet directly from within your SQL code. No longer are triggers and stored procedures limited to database data – they can now reach out to, and integrate with, any modern API on the planet.

Make an asynchronous API call and specify a callback procedure to process the response. There are a wide variety of functions available to easily work with JSON and XML data.

Use modern APIs to integrate with trading partners, or leverage a service like Twilio to integrate text messaging notifications into your applications. The possibilities are endless!

Asynchronous SQL/REST transforms what SQL is capable of!


Root Access

Direct, unrestricted root access to your own private, dedicated database server.

Root Access

AppSynergy is based on a fully managed, enhanced version of MariaDB 10.4 – open, non-proprietary, fully scalable and standards based.

You can directly access your database from third party tools or custom applications using standard JDBC or ODBC drivers (we also offer a REST API). Access is highly secure (SSL with role based security) and unrestricted. Private, dedicated database servers are available that offer full root access and are the ultimate in terms of flexibility, privacy, security and reliability. AppSynergy is the only cloud database application platform with such an offering.

Add an event to any UI object to call your own JavaScript code.

Application API

You can easily add events to UI objects that can call your own custom JavaScript code, load libraries, and access the entire AppSynergy Application API.

The good news is you will seldom need the API as even highly complex applications are typically built entirely via drag-n-drop with a few formulas added for calculated fields. AppSynergy is that powerful.

Flexible Look & Feel

Create fully custom CSS themes and share them across multiple applications for a consistent look and feel.

There is even an HTML widget that combined with some JavaScript or a third-party library can render absolutely anything on the screen without limitation.

You have full control over your application's look & feel.

Example of multiple documents related to a particular customer record.

Extended Field Types

AppSynergy has advanced field types including document, signature and image.

Embed An Application

You can embed an application in your website with a simple copy & paste of its embed code. Great for creating customer portals!

Easily create a secure customer portal.

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