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Ecommerce Case Study

Executive Summary

"AppSynergy is a remarkable solution for a multitude of business problems and challenges. In 15 years of business I have never found a solution as complete and as adaptable as this. I cannot speak highly enough about Customer support and the team. It's a game changer. "

Industry: Ecommerce, Manufacturing (Jewelry)

Locations: 2 (CA & FL)

AppSynergy Applications In Production: 10+

Apps Build By: AppSynergy Professional Services


Mobile Use Cases: Tablet app for warehouse pick-n-ship

Est Reduction In Development Costs: 95%+

Typical Time From App Conception To Deployment: 2-3 weeks

Applications Built & Deployed

Ease of Change & Maintainability

FreshTrends' AppSynergy-based system has all the attributes that are far too often missing in deployments of this type, including ease of understanding and ease of change. You can consider changes in two categories:

Routine changes typically takes a few minutes or at most an hour or two, and can be deployed immediately into production. A larger change like a new application module might take anywhere from a couple of days to a week or two at most. All these changes are done "hot" meaning there is no shutting the system down and the user will get the change in the next refresh.

When asked to compare that with his experience with other custom development he laughed. Even the simplest change starts a work flow of specing, quoting, scheduling, development, QA, etc., etc., with the entire process taking months and often wrong upon delivery. He said that turnaround time of hours or days (instead of months) changes how you think about problems, not just the cost of the solution.

In a Nutshell

"We have built multiple cloud-based applications that integrate with our e-commerce platform and process over 100,000 orders per year. The thing that makes AppSynergy special is that you can build solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs, for a fraction of the cost of paying licensing and implementation on out of the box solutions. AppSynergy applications have automated processes that were previously handled in spreadsheets, saved me a ton on payroll, and eliminated human error in business-critical processes. It is a game changer for anyone that applies it to their business."

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