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Included Users

Number of users included with plan.

5 10 20 N/A
Additional Users

Price per additional user/month.

$29 $39 $49 N/A
Max Users 25 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Drag-n-Drop Application Development

The most powerful cloud-native platform on the market.

Powerful Free-Form Layout

Place anything anywhere; not restricted to simple layouts.

Wide Assortment of Widgets

Four kinds of Tabs, three kinds of Menus, 16 kinds of Fields, etc.

Flexible Modal Panels

Free-form layout of modal panels, including nesting of modal panels.

Fully Nestable Records

Build screens without code that support heavily nested relational data; free-form layout design.

Innovative Field Types

Signature fields, document fields, barcode fields & more.

AutoCalc Computed Values

Fields can have formulas that reference nested child records, parent records and all application data.

Advanced Reporting & Data Analytics

Includes Powerful master-detail rollup reports supporting computed columns with sub-queries, data windowing functions, etc.

Graphs, Maps & Interactive Charts

Over a dozen standard chart types (e.g. bar, line, pie, etc.) plus Google Maps, Geo Charts (heat maps) & more.

Full Mobile App Support

Support for building mobile-first applications that can be installed on a mobile device – includes all features (not a "lite" version).


Easily customize the look and feel of absolutely everything.

Role-Based Security

Fully customizable roles.

Single Sign On with Google

Integrated with Google Accounts sign on; no new passwords, fully secure, supports sharing apps with internal and external users.

Programmability & Coding Features

Go beyond what is possible with even the most advanced drag-n-drop capabilities.

UI Events

Easily add an event to a UI object that calls your own code (e.g. "click" event on a button) .

Application API

Full JavaScript API; write custom code that runs in the browser and access all drag-n-drop UI widgets, data elements, etc.

Stored Procedures & Functions

Write code that runs in the database using procedural language extensions to SQL (e.g. like PL/SQL).

Database Triggers

Fire code as a result of a data modification; can call functions and procedures as needed.

Email Notifications

Send email notifications from a database trigger or other code.


Dynamically generate HTML and convert it to a PDF document (for invoicing, etc.)

Email to Database

Receive email sent to your database address, including attachments.

Batch Jobs

Call a stored procedure at pre-determined time intervals.

SQL Console

Issue SQL commands directly to the database for testing or admin purposes.

Dedicated Server

A private, dedicated server provides enhanced power, security and reliability.

Private, Dedicated Server

Fully private dedicated database server.

Root Access

Full root access to the underlying SQL database.

HIPAA Compliant

Full HIPAA compliance with signed BAA. Supports securely storing PHI in the database.


Covered by a Service Level Agreement with guaranteed uptime.

API Keys

Securely expose just a portion of your private database with an easily managed API Key.

ODBC Support

Access your private database via any application or tool that supports ODBC.

JDBC Support

Access your private database via any application or tool that supports JDBC.

MySQL API Support

Access your private database via any application or tool that supports MySQL.

Authenticated App Embed

Embed an application into your website while still requiring sign-in for secure access.

Public App Embed

Embed an application into your website that allows anyone to use it without signing in.

Enterprise Data Integration

Connect to corporate databases, ERP systems, cloud and private SaaS services & more using our revolutionary federated integration features.

Corporate Database Integration

Create a secure federated connection to an external corporate database (e.g. MS SQL Server, Oracle).

ERP Integration

Create a secure federated connection to ERP systems (e.g. Dynamics, NetSuite, SAP).

SaaS Application Integration

Create a secure federated connection to any third-party SaaS application (e.g. Salesforce, JIRA, Shopify).

Powerful Cross System Application Development

Easily build applications that integrate live data from multiple federated data sources; easily update remote data in real time.

Move Data Between Systems

Use PL/SQL like stored procedures and batch jobs to synchronize data between systems.


Customizable database roles can include federated tables to manage access rights.


Any federated table can be setup with automatic caching to improve query performance.

Enterprise Manageability

Integrate AppSynergy into your corporate ecosystem.

SAML 2.0 Integration

Use your corporate SAML 2.0 capable authentication infrastructure to seamlessly manage user accounts.

SendGrid Integration

Link AppSynergy to your SendGrid account for enhanced email delivery and manageability.

Audit Trail

Automatically log all changes to data; query how your data looked at a specific time in the past.


Premium support provided by knowledgeable staff.

  Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Hours 10AM-6PM EST 10AM-6PM EST 10AM-6PM EST 24/7 Available
Response Time 24HR 8HR 4HR 4HR (Urgent <1HR)
Channels Email/Screen Share by Apt Email/Screen Share by Apt Email/Phone/Screen Share by Apt Email/Phone/Screen Share by Apt
Data Limits

Liberal data limits with inexpensive overage options.

Row Data

Total of all rows in all tables.

100,000 rows 1,000,000 rows Unlimited** Unlimited**

BLOBs are documents and images.

1 GB 50 GB Unlimited** Unlimited**
Automatic Nightly Backups
Backup Retention Period 7 days 7 days 90 days 365 days

** Configured to meet your requirements.