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Private Dedicated Server
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Heavy Data Integration

  $290/month $980/month Contact Us
Included Users - Internal

Number of users included with plan at no additional charge.

10 20 N/A
Additional Users - Internal

Price per additional internal user per month.

$29 $49 N/A
Additional Users - External

Price per additional external user. External users are defined as users who do not work for your company. Deeply discounted package prices available.

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Drag-n-Drop Application Development

Quickly build powerful, enterprise-grade business applications.

Unrestricted Layouts

Place anything anywhere; build high-complexity screens with ease.

Nested Relational Records

Easily build screens that require complex relational data.

Dynamic UI

Free-form layout of modal panels, easily link data between panels, enable/disable dynamically, calculated fields, etc.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Includes master-detail rollup reports supporting computed columns with sub-queries, data windowing functions, etc.

Extensive Data Visualization Capabilities

Over a dozen standard chart types (e.g. bar, line, pie, etc.) plus Google Maps, Geo Charts (heat maps) & more.

Mobile App Support

Build mobile applications that can be installed on a mobile device to run full screen without a visible web browser.

Fully Customizable Look & Feel

Customize the look and feel of absolutely everything via your own CSS style sheets.

Open SQL Database

AppSynergy uses an enhanced version of MariaDB that is 100% MySQL compatible.

Truly Open

No proprietary data formats, open and accessible to other tools and technologies.

Full SQL

No artificial restrictions; issue SQL commands directly to the database via the built-in SQL console.

Private, Dedicated Server

Fully private dedicated database server. Provides provides the ultimate in security, speed and reliability.

No (Shared Server)
Root Access

Full root access to the underlying SQL database.

Advanced Role-Based Security

Fully customizable roles right down to the field level. Enforced at the database level for optimal security.

Single Sign On

Integrated with Google Accounts sign on; no new passwords, fully secure, supports sharing apps with internal and external users, use your existing business email address, smooth two-factor authentication, etc.

Command Line Tools

Use command line tools on your local machine to remotely connected to your cloud database. Dump, restore, issue SQL commands, etc.


Fully programmable on both server and client.

Application API

Unrestricted client-side JavaScript programmability. Complete JavaScript API to interface with your drag-n-drop built application objects in a natural and intuitive way. If you can do it in a web browser, you can do it here.


Includes robust server-side procedural language programming features (e.g. variables, branching, loops, functions, etc.) based on ANSI standard Procedural Language extensions to SQL (i.e. PL/SQL, similar to Oracle).

Database Triggers

Fire custom PL/SQL code as a result of a data modification. Essential for building advanced systems (e.g. inventory management, etc.).

Stored Procedures & Functions

Create unlimited stored procedures and functions written in PL/SQL.

Scheduled Jobs

Execute batched PL/SQL code at predetermined intervals with complete transactional control.

Extensive Data Integration Capabilities

Integrate with other databases, applications, SaaS solutions and APIs.

Advanced Federated Data Management

See the world as one big database. Federated tables in your system act as virtual links to remote systems. Remote database tables are mirrored locally without the need to sync. Remote API endpoints are dynamically translated to SQL tables. Full read-write capability limited only by the remote system. Faster integrations, at lower cost, with higher reliability.

250+ Plugins Available 250+ Plugins Available
Outbound Web Requests

Make outbound web requests from your server code. Call RESTful APIs.

Inbound Web Requests

Accept inbound web requests to your server. Publish your own RESTful APIs for others to use.

API Keys

Securely expose just a portion of your private database with an easily managed API Key. This allows other applications, EDI packages, etc. to securely access your database.

ODBC & JDBC Support

Access your private database via any application or tool that supports ODBC or JDBC.

Other Features

Important features for a comprehensive solution.

Outbound Email – Send Email

Send email from your PL/SQL code, including attachments. Integrates with your corporate SendGrid account.

Inbound Email – Receive Email

Receive email into your database, including attachments. Received email can be processed with PL/SQL to automate workflows.

PDF Generation

Dynamically generate server-side HTML and convert it to a PDF document, or auto fill PDF templates with database data. Ideal for invoicing, purchase orders, customs documents, etc.

App Embed - Authenticated

Embed an application into your website while still requiring sign-in for secure access. Ideal for B2B portals where the signed in user can only see data specific to their account.

App Embed - Public

Embed an application into your website that allows anyone to use it without sign in.


Use your corporate SAML 2.0 capable authentication infrastructure to seamlessly manage user accounts.

Data Integrity

Fully managed infrastructure with transactional integrity.

Transaction Processing

Fully integrated COMMIT and ROLLBACK of transactions.

Automatic Nightly Backups

Complete backups performed nightly; copies replicated to multiple physical data centers.

Backup Retention Period

Ability to recover well into the past.

1 month 3 months 12 months
Partial Restore Capability

Human readable backups allow for a partial restore in the event of human error.

Local Backup Capability

Backup your database to your local environment at any time.

Automatic Security Patches

Fully managed security patching.

Automatic Database Upgrades

Fully managed upgrades between major and minor database versions.

Audit Trail

Advanced "system versioned tables" automatically log all changes to data, allowing you to query how your data looked at a specific time in the past.


Premium support provided by knowledgeable staff.

  Silver Gold Platinum
Hours 10AM-6PM EST 10AM-6PM EST 24/7 Available
Location USA USA USA
Response Time 8HR 4HR 4HR (Urgent <1HR)
Channels Email/Screen Share by Apt Email/Phone/Screen Share by Apt Email/Phone/Screen Share by Apt

Covered by a Service Level Agreement.

HIPAA Compliant

Full HIPAA compliance with signed BAA. Supports securely storing PHI in the database.