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Dedicated Server Notes

Your private dedicated server uses MariaDB as its SQL engine (with various enhancements added, like AppSynergy's Federated features). MariaDB is largely compatible with MySQL so most tools that support MySQL will generally work with MariaDB. This includes MySQL GUI and command line tools for various operating systems including Windows.

To learn more about connecting to your dedicated server, see the Database API documentation.

Manual Schema Changes

If you create or modify database schema outside of the AppSynergy user interface, beware of the following:

Database Backup via Command Line Tools

AppSynergy automatically performs nightly backups of your entire database server. You can also create a backup at any time on demand to your own local computer.

Note that in the example below the options --master-data --single-transaction acquire a global read lock on all tables at the beginning of the dump for only a short period of time. This allows a dump to run against a live database and still deliver a consistent snapshot without blocking reads and write.

Recommended way to create a local backup of your database:

mysqldump --user=root --password=mypass --triggers --routines --events --master-data --single-transaction db11234 > mybackup.sql

Connecting To Your Database via MySQL Workbench

NOTE: AppSynergy has an integrated SQL Console which eliminates much of the need for MySQL Workbench. See Tools > SQL Console... for details.

You can connect directly to your AppSynergy database with MySQL Workbench. Workbench allows you to issue any SQL command as root, which has slightly more permissions than a AppSynergy Administrator.

The gsutil Command Line Utility

To copy files to or from your bucket you will need gsutil. The gsutil program is a free Google utility. You can download it here. When you configure gsutil be sure you are logged in with the same Google account you used to create your AppSynergy account (we can add additional users to your bucket upon request). When gsutil config asks you for a project id, please specify: parasql-app

Example: copy a local file to your AppSynergy cloud bucket using gsutil:

gsutil cp MyLocalFile.sql gs://