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Revolutionary Universal Data Connectivity

AppSynergy Enterprise Edition is built upon our advanced, next-generation federated database that provides Universal Data Connectivity. Our federated approach to integration means that you can finally work with all of the data across your enterprise – and in the cloud – as though it were all in a single SQL database. Even data behind APIs, firewalls and SaaS solutions!

Because AppSynergy's federated integration is performed below the SQL data layer you can build applications on top that span multiple systems without writing any API code, extracting data, or converting formats. Simply drag-n-drop a UI widget or write a stored procedure in SQL. The integration just happens. Transparently.

Watch our Federated Database video to see it in action:


200+ Integration Drivers

Universal data connectivity.

Universal Data Connectivity

With 200+ federated integration drivers available today – and more coming all the time – you can connect to virtually any enterprise or SaaS application, platform, database, or accounting tool.

See some of our most popular integrations here.

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