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Revolutionary Enterprise Data Integration

AppSynergy Enterprise Edition is built upon our advanced, next-generation federated database. This federated approach to integration means that you can finally work with all of the data across your enterprise – regardless of where it resides – as though it were all located in a single, up-to-date SQL database.

Individual tables from other databases can be mapped in as linked, federated data tables. Even more compelling, SaaS API endpoints where you cannot obtain raw access to the underlying database (e.g. Accounts, Contacts, etc. from the Salesforce API) can also be mapped to simple SQL database tables. You can link in as many different data sources as needed. Once linked into your AppSynergy federated database, you can then read & write these linked federated tables with simple SQL SELECT, INSERT, and UPDATE statements. Any application – not just AppSynergy's app development tools – can access your federated database just as if it were a simple MariaDB/MySQL database (our federated technology is implemented as a storage engine plug-in to the open-source MariaDB database).

And because AppSynergy's powerful drag-n-drop development platform is fully integrated with this federated database architecture, it has the power to build robust, enterprise-grade applications that span systems in just days. Maybe even hours. Simply put, if you're using other tools to build your enterprise applications you're working too hard.

Watch our Federated Database video to see it in action:


150+ Smart Connectors

Over 150 Smart Connectors to make integration easy.

Pre-Built Federated Drivers

We have a 150+ standard, pre-built federated drivers available today – with more coming all the time. This allows you to get a federated database up and running across systems in virtually no time.

See some of our most popular off-the-shelf Smart Connectors here.

Custom Configured JSON/XML Federated Drivers

If you need a custom federated connector for a REFTful API that is not yet covered by one of our standard drivers, we can create a custom one by configuring a custom one using our universal JSON/XML driver. This opens up federated integration to virtually every API on the planet.

We simply point our Universal Smart Connector to a RESTful API end point (JSON or XML) and have it auto-discover the basic structure of the API. Then we tweak the resulting XML configuration file to refine the mappings. After configuration it will behave exactly like one of our standard off-the-shelf connectors.


Universal JSON Connector

Easily connect to and auto-discover any JSON API end point.


Universal XML Connector

Easily connect to and auto-discover any XML API end point.


Universal ODATA Connector

Easily connect to and auto-discover any ODATA API end point.

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